How You Can Eat Delicious Food and Burn Fat With Ketos

This cookbook demystifies the lifestyle wowing the world

Have you been hearing a lot about “the keto diet” lately?

It sure seems like everyone’s talking about it. Tim McGraw lost 40 pounds, Halle Berry swears by it… even Mick Jagger is keeping lean and fit by “going keto.”

But what’s it all about? Can you really eat fat and lose weight? Is this another “Fatkins” craze?

Any responsible adult should be suspicious of outrageous claims of pigging out on bacon… but you’ll be surprised when you take a close look at the keto diet.

Here’s the Truth About Keto

“Keto” is actually short for ketogenic. It means that your body is converting fat into ketones so you can burn them for energy.

It sounds weird, doesn’t it? Eating fat to burn fat?

It’s not what we learned growing up… we always heard “cholesterol in food is bad,” and “low-fat food is better for you.”

But here’s the thing about what we were taught growing up: a lot of it was wrong.

In reality, fats are an excellent way to get energy without spiking your insulin levels. Especially heart-healthy fats like avocado, seed oils, and yes, even grass-fed butter.

Dozens of studies over the last decade have shown: Eating saturated and monounsaturated fats has no effect on heart disease risks, both long-term and short-term.

And when you restrict your carbs and get most of your calories from healthy fats, something amazing happens:

Your body starts to burn fat instead of sugar and carbs. That’s how keto dieters can get so much energy from things like avocado and bacon.

It’s been extremely effective for overweight people, because once they’ve adapted to fats, their body can burn its own fat to sustain itself.

But some people say it’s “difficult to go keto.” There’s so much conflicting info out there.

No More Stressing About What to Cook

Honestly, it’s easier than you think to go keto. And 30 Day Keto Fix makes it easiest.

The book is actually three books in one…

  1. The Blueprint (how to add Keto to your life): crawl out of research wormholes and gain the knowledge that lets you start burning fat sooner in easy steps.
  2. The Meal Plan (delicious recipes you’ll love): no more conjuring up healthy meal ideas. Get 30 days of breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners laid out for you—shopping lists included!
  3. The Cookbook (delicious recipes you’ll love): Keep your meals interesting and exciting with simple and straightforward recipes, ensuring no craving will be left unfulfilled.

Once you have the book, going Keto couldn’t be easier.

And if you think you’ll be missing carby classics—here’s what you’ll be eating…

  • Delicious Ground Beef and Spinach Burgers (p. 52): 10-minute prep time!
  • Chinese Fried Cabbage With Bacon (p. 35): 10-minute prep time!
  • Instant Sour Shrimp With Asparagus (p. 56): 10-minute prep time!
  • Breakfast Coconut Cake (p. 12): 15-minute prep time!

Satisfy Cravings + Still Lose Weight


We all know that most diets don’t work.

But most diets don’t let you indulge in eggs smothered in hollandaise sauce…

…and chocolate coconut treats for dessert…

All the while shedding off pounds!

It’s like the best of both worlds: feeling happier, healthier, and lighter…and loving every bite of every meal.

This really is all possible with 30 Day Keto Fix.

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