8 Common Causes Of Amyloidosis

7. Immunoglobulin light chain amyloidosis

We know, it’s quite the mouthful. That’s why most people refer to this variant by its shorter name: AL amyloidosis. This variant is by far the most common type of amyloidosis. In fact, that’s the very reason why it used to be called primary amyloidosis. The AL portion of the name is named such as a reference to the amyloid light chains that cause this form of amyloidosis.

Amyloid light chains are a type of protein that buildup in deposits within the body. The issue begins when your bone marrow starts to produce abnormal antibodies that your body is unable to break down. Correlation between it and multiple myeloma has also been identified. This type of amyloidosis can affect the nerves. The potential neuropathy is one of the largest threats that this form of amyloidosis presents. Cannabidiol has been suggested as a treatment for AL amyloidosis but clinical trials are still in their early stages.


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