8 Common Causes Of Amyloidosis

6. AA amyloidosis

AA amyloidosis has also been referred to as secondary amyloidosis, though the current de facto term is the former rather than the latter. Chronic diseases — both of the infectious and inflammatory variety — such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, or rheumatoid arthritis may cause this type of amyloidosis.

This form of amyloidosis has the largest impact on your kidneys. That being said, the heart, liver, and digestive tract could also be mildly affected by this type of amyloidosis. There have even been unconfirmed reports of patients with pre-existing heart conditions going into cardiac arrest as a result of the AA amyloidosis negatively impacting their cardiovascular system.

Many people wonder why this type of amyloidosis is referred to as AA. Rest assured it has nothing to do with batteries or alcoholic support groups. The condition is named AA because it’s caused by the amyloid type A protein.


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